As a scholar while considering your alternatives for Best Engineering colleges or universities, the options can be irresistible.  Best pharmacy or engineering courses in our Delhi NCR colleges. This is the case even within certain disciplines where there may be a dozen dissimilar subcategories and / or areas of expertise within the line of work. Let’s discover some of the more well-liked Engineering regulations, shall we?

Civil Engineering is a discipline that deals chiefly with the design, construction and maintenance of bridges, roads, and canals. As a point of interest, this engineering discipline was magnified to differentiate itself from armed engineering. It is measured to be the second-oldest regulation, after services.

Computer Engineering is a mixture of computer science and electronic engineering. Computer engineers design both computer software and computer hardware, in addition to developing solutions for the incorporation of the two.

Electrical Engineering is the learning and application of electromagnetism, electronics, and electrical energy. It’s a sophisticated regulation that includes the design and execution of different electronic / electrical systems such as routes, generators, motors, and transformers.

Manufacturing Engineering, on the other hand, deals almost wholly with the design and maintenance of dissimilar developed processes, tools, gear and equipment. Inclined manufacturing principles are one such instance of scientific developed in act.

Mechanical Engineering is one of the oldest regulations, and is chiefly concerned with the plan, manufacture and use of tools and equipment. It is chiefly concerned with the generation and application of mechanical power.

Dr. KN Modi Foundation, an educational center for novelty and quality learning is based in Rajasthan, India. It values Trustworthiness, Integrity & Accountability, Character & Dignity, and appreciating new ideas. It’s MBA College in Rajasthan, ranks among the top business schools in India.



The field of pharmacy has shown an outgrowth in the recent years due to the expansion of health care sector in all over the world, thus the number of colleges that offer strategically structured four-year degree course in bachelor of Pharmacy from Ghaziabad. Today, students are self-motivated to obtain bachelor degree in pharmacy and diploma in pharmacy, because of which the academic competition has grown in the field of pharmaceutical education.  K.N. Modi Foundation is a leading education centre, offers one of the most competent 4- years full time bachelor of Pharmacy courses in Ghaziabad.

While selecting a B. Pharma college, students need to make certain that the college you have chosen to complete your pharmaceutical education (D.Pharma, B.Pharma, M.Pharma or Pharma Diploma) must be approved by All Indian Council of Technical Education (AICTE) or Pharmacy Council of India (PCI). Presently, most of the colleges in Ghaziabad have similar kind of eligibility criteria for Bachelor of Pharmacy Courses in Ghaziabad, that is:

  • Pass 10 + 2 in Science with Physics, Chemistry, Biology/Physics, Chemistry, and Maths
  • Certification of Diploma in Pharmacy or its equivalent from any recognized University

Once you complete your bachelor degree program from the accredited degree college, you would gain knowledge at par about the subject and its important aspects.  Students would get an opportunity to lean health care training, record-keeping, and terminology. K.N.Modi foundation offers postgraduate level courses in Pharmaceuticals and Engineering. Degree programs at this level allow students to receive their training and degree in just two years. Apart from UP, The foundation projected its best degree courses at its MCA institute Rajasthan and B Tech Rajasthan institute.

Students can learn biology, chemistry, business management, and more. Students can also complete health care training, record-keeping, and terminology. The skills students can obtain at a bachelors level of study will help them to gain employment as pharmacy technicians, pharmacists, and pharmacy assistants. With a degree at this level students can train for various careers in the field. A bachelors degree can help put students into the working world or enter into a graduate degree program.

With passage of time, K. N. Modi foundation has become one of the best MBA colleges in UP. It  has gained many achievements to its credit e.g. (i) students who have passed out are doing their M.Pharma & Ph.D programme from India & abroad, (ii) already 600 students from the institute are in right job throughout the Country, (iii) a well documented library, fully equipped Laboratories and qualified teaching faculty.

A good graduation college is very crucial for your successful career as it can provide lifetime learning experiences and adequate practical knowledge to help you achieve professional goals. Getting admission in one of the top graduation colleges in UP may require you to fulfill initial level admission formalities that would certainly ensure regular admission in any desired course like B. tech, M. Tech, BCA and MCA of your choice. Thus, choosing a graduate college is a vital step, everyone has to take it wisely, besides the number of graduation colleges in UP has grown considerably with time.


Research over internet can give you little insight on Top BCA & MCA institute Rajasthan so that you could select the best institute. Engineering colleges in UP and B Tech Rajasthan colleges which are UGC recognized and provide quality education by meeting world class academic standards, KN Modi foundation offers well-structured courses to the students that include engineering, medical or masters in business administration courses.  Once you have selected the college, the only concern is to find out the facilities offered by the campus. Visit the campus personally is recommended to check out what infrastructural facilities are being offered to the students such as library, cafeteria, sports, transportation, and healthcare facilities. In recent studies, it has been found that world class infrastructural facilities would ensure quality learning. Qualitative IT infrastructure with well equipped computer lab facility having Wi-Fi campus is another parameter that can be considered while deciding upon top MBA School in Delhi NCR, UP and Rajasthan. These are the minimalistic features a good college or university should offer to provide the best-in-class infrastructure to its students.


With the arrival of latest technologies infused in current higher education system to simply education, well-known universities like KN Modi University are budging towards the increased use of latest technologies. KN Modi Foundation has established with the aim to provide quality education to Indian students as well as welcoming foreign students by offering finest learning experiences. It even supports the agenda of education for all and established Girls college in UP to promote higher studies for rural girls in various districts of UP. Nowadays the classroom experience has been changed drastically to match the global education standards and achieving higher academic excellence. Digital classrooms and library that promotes practical learning experiences has taken the place of conventional methods of teachings. In various colleges of KN Modi Foundation, they made sure that advance technologies have been deployed to meet global education standards.

Present scenario in the education industry is very dynamic, career counseling or guidance is becoming the necessity to help students selecting a bachelor degree after intermediate and deciding on choosing the one of the best business schools in Ghaziabad to begin your studies in a well-planned way that can prepare you for the professional world. Delhi NCR has become the desired location where most of the leading universities are located and students from all across the globe are considering such colleges based in Delhi NCR to pursue their higher studies.

Although it is not surprising that the number of applications to MBA programs and engineering courses has increased worldwide over the five past years, and getting enrolled to the best engineering college in Delhi NCR is somewhat more complicated now. As more and more students are broadening their search for the Engg colleges in Ghaziabad. Many people who were forced to look for a job are considering getting an MCA degree instead hoping that they will emerge more employable and in a more favorable market in one to two years. Yet, the explanation of why the Management colleges in Ghaziabad registered tremendous response in terms of applications as they are providing conducive environment and promoting quality education through adopting world class teaching methodologies.

Graduate students can follow the simple procedure if their previous academics meet the eligibility criteria to take admission in a good Business school, if you are from technical academic background then MCA institute Rajasthan can also be your choice as it has gained good reputation and recognition in India over a time. KN Modi foundation is the leading college that offers great professional courses along with the versatile merit scholar ships to help students grow and gain opportunities. More often when you complete your bachelor degree from a well reputed college you might not find any difficulty to get the placement opportunities as good Bachelor of Engineering colleges in Ghaziabad would host placement meet or interviews in association with renowned corporate.

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Education has always been the priority of any progressing community, or should I say that it is education that actually helps a society progress. Education today is not merely about passing examination and getting a degree but is also pivotal in defining the character of an individual. The purpose of education is to create minds with explosive ideas that do not necessarily conform to the pattern which the society has set, instead they confront to situations with their own set of reasoning and analysis. Education on a broader level of thinking can also be considered as a path towards independent living wherein an individual learns to sustain on his/her own without any sense of dependency towards their parents/guardian.

In India education has been given a lot of importance from all corners including politicians, entrepreneurs, social activists, etc. in the past few decades. There is believed to be a scarcity of institutions across the nation followed with poverty that leads to very few in a crowd of billion to get educated. Initiatives are being taken by various state governments to allow children from all background a right to education. Girls College in UP that have come into existence for some time now ensure that there exists no gender bias in our society among girls and that they are equally educated as their counterparts.

Academic development in terms on infrastructure has hit an all-time high in various states including Bihar, Rajasthan, and Uttar Pradesh etc. due to a lot funds being provided by the state government for the same including subsidies.  As a result one gets to witness quite a number of colleges that offer Post Graduate Programmes in Ghaziabad, a district situated on the east of Delhi. A Pharmacy aspirant candidate can pursue a Bachelor of Pharmacy Courses in Ghaziabad that is certified for a successful career ahead. Similarly Business Schools in Ghaziabad offer PGDM equivalent to MBA Institute Modinagar, which is located in another district neighboring Ghaziabad. Modinagar Colleges have built a reputation over the years and are considered equivalent to best engineering colleges in Delhi ncr as well.

Geographical location is no more a hindrance in terms of education with the formation of MBA College in Rajasthan including other institutions that offer a variety of courses. So, whether it is a B Tech Rajasthan or computer science engg colleges in Ghaziabad, the degrees they offer are recognized and are valid across the nation for a reputable career ahead.

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KN Modi Foundation is a group of institutions that provides education to all the students that resides within and outside Rajasthan and Modinagar. KN Modi Foundation has a number of individual institutes under one umbrella and also has a University running under it. The founder of the foundation Raizada (Late) Dr. K.N. Modi had a vision to establish such a place where education is offered to the students with values intact in it. The approach of every person associated with KN Modi Foundation is to imbibe knowledge in each and every student with values and ethics for their holistic development.

Each institute associated with the foundation has their own identity and offers different courses of various fields. A number of schools for girls and under privileged children have also been erected so that no children remains deprived of what they deserve to have. KN Modi University is one such university that has a campus setup in Modinagar and has the best institutes to offer numerous courses to its students. KN Modi Foundation also has so many individual institutes that offer courses with appropriate curriculum, course structure, studious ambience and everything which is needed for a student to get the best during their educational life.

Dr. K.N.Modi institute of engineering and technology is a benchmark for every computer science engineering colleges in Ghaziabad. It is not too far that the institute will become the best engineering college in Delhi NCR because of their tremendous efforts to develop and approach towards education. The students in the institute are treated as one of the family members and hence are motivated and encouraged at every step.

At Dr. K.N. Modi University a number of courses with modern day approach to setup the curriculum are integrated. The courses like BBA, MBA, B.Tech, BCA, etc. provides education with holistic and professional attitude. The course structure, the faculty, and the environment can any day compete with any of the reputed B schools in UP. The university has all the amenities which can make it one of the best MBA colleges in UP, best BBA colleges in UP in fact the best university in all over Uttar Pradesh.

With the establishments of Dr. K.N. Modi Girls Engineering College, KN Modi Foundation has proven their social and thoughtful approach towards children. It is the first girls college in UP that provides engineering education to only girls and helps the girls to get educated as well.

With the successful students and the track records of the institutes of the Dr. KN Modi Foundation has the upper hand when it comes to BBA colleges in Ghaziabad, MBA college in Rajasthan, engineering colleges in UP or any other institutes. The students studying in the institutes of KN Modi Foundation are also placed with known and reputed organizations with handsome salary package. It also means that the foundation makes proper arrangements for every students studying in its colleges not just academically but also professionally.

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