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Is Computer Science engineering your career path? Already pursuing your bachelor’s in CSE? Are you worried about the future of computer applications?

Well, your career is going to be a lot more exciting and innovative. Your future is a sleek and easy-to-use mobile platform. In 1980’s came the first personal computer and with it unlimited scope of innovation. Today, the world is mobile and connected. Be it past, present or future, one thing holds true, Innovation (It never stops).

Five industry trends you should watch out are:

·         Next Generation Customers

The future holds different sets of consumers; both literate and illiterate. Many companies have already started with technologies like local language interfaces, non-text interfaces like videos, voice recognition etc.  Many people can’t afford computers yet they are very much involved with the mobile platform. Mobile platforms are new game.

·         Usability

The products that will be successful will be the ones, simple to use. It is difficult to make a simple thing. It is a sub-discipline of computer science, and there is a lot of hypothesis, and a group of definite algorithms and practices you can utilize to make things simple to use. HCI (Human Computer Interaction) is known as the Whole area, and has a sub-division called UCD (User Centered Design)

·         Economics

When you recognize the basics of economics, you can observe and know what drives people and technologies, accomplishment, and crash a lot better than people who do not realize it.

Computer Science Engineering colleges 
in Uttar Pradesh, have started recognizing the trends and offer research programs for grads on new technologies.

Corporate Office
18, Community Centre, New Friends Colony, New Delhi – 110025Tel: (Delhi) 09910045861, 011-26833992, 01126837275
Email: admissions@knmodifoundation.com
Website: www.knmodifoundation.com

For Admissions

Modinagar Campus
Dr. K.N. Modi University Campus
Centre for Management Development, Delhi-Meerut Road, Modinagar – 201204
Tel: (UP) 08859000790/91/92/93
Plot No. INS – 1, RIICO Industrial Area,
Phase-II Newai, Distt. – Tonk, Rajasthan – 304021
Tel: (Rajasthan) 08875010001/02/03/04/05, (Delhi) 09910003701/02
Email: contact@dknmu.orginquiry@dknmu.org
Website: www.dknmu.org

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