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Ever questioned how a computer application – that has suddenly made your life simple – is created? Have you ever been inquisitive how the video and computer games, which are loved by children and adults alike, are made? All the applications, operating systems and video games require software to support their functioning. Software engineer can specialize in designing and creating either computer software system or computer software application. To support the progressiveness of information technology, it has become imperative to develop new software.

What does a software engineer do?

The design and creation of any type of software are done by software engineers. A software engineer needs to:-

  • Interact with the clients to analyze their needs.
  • Design the software’s basic framework by applying several concepts of mathematics and theories of computer science
  • Do the coding for software (it is not always necessary the engineers write the code; however, they should have in-depth knowledge of programming languages such as C, C++, Java, etc.)
  • Test the software for its functioning; get rid of any bugs that are found in the software during this phase

Education requirements for software engineering

17212-enginerringGetting formal education in software engineering requires either a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree. A bachelor degree in computer application or computer science prepares for entry-level positions; however, a master degree in computer science or computer applications makes eligible to take up senior positions in software designing and development.


An MCA Institute in Ghaziabad should be chosen after seeing its placement track records. Also, another criterion to choose an MCA Institute in UttarPradesh is to analyze the experience and skill set of faculty.

Apart from MCA, some software engineers might also pursue major in computer information system, computer science and mathematics. Some aspiring software engineers pursue certification courses in software engineering provided by several acclaimed vendors.

Software engineering is a fast-growing profession that demands different skills and gifts a promising future.


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